Please implement Test Env like AI2, Follow Dev Lifecycle and Proj. Management

Sorry If I sound rude.

But, every time Kodular updates come in, we have have to be worried as everything else is broken.
Very rare I have found it to be useful. I have over 30 extensions in my project. Because, I cant use the inbuild components as they either obsolete or having issues. Now, will need to wait for the extensions to be updated.i.e., if it gets updated else need to get alternative solution in.
Inbuild components like Firebase component doesnot support full validation. I am using apis directly. Onesignal component is broken, No clue when it would be updated. There are many more components not working.

The issue is there is no CLARITY on when each bug/component will be updated.

There is no test environments like AppInventor where you can implement these releases and test.

Also there is No proper Development Lifecycle or Project management.

I know I sound I am complaining. But please take it as a feedback and implement transparent Development Lifecycle or Project management visible to the kodular users. This would really help users like me plan our development and releases.

Hope it reaches the right people who will implement this.

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seriously SDKs need to be refreshed.