Please review my 2 suggestions

Hello to the entire Kodular team and collaborators.
I come here to give a suggestion, that certainly many think the same way, for the next update of Kodular.
The first one will favor when you have a big project. My suggestion would be to include a search button, so that it is possible to locate a certain Key Block more quickly, be it a Button, FireBase Block, or any other block that makes a certain function run, as long as it is a block Root (this does not apply to the blocks inside).
The second suggestion would be to be able to mark all the trigger blocks that you want to move around the screen. Currently, if I want to move an Initialization Root Block from one corner to another, just keep this whole set of blocks pressed and then drag. My idea is to select which sets of blocks to drag at once, or to group these selected blocks all together.

I am very grateful if my suggestions are accepted.

To search blocks press CTRL + F to find blocks you made, or F.
To move blocks to another screen, you can use the backpack. I understood the second suggestion wrong.

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Since you have two suggestions, please make a poll. Thx.


First one is useful
Second: It would be more better if Kodular add tabs feature in block section

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Crtl + F or Shift + F3, does not solve much, we know that the blocks are colored in yellow, and in the search for Ctrl + F3, there are the total of occurrences found, and 2 arrows to move, but these arrows do not work. The correct thing when using these arrows, would be to show the position of the screen where the block is, however it does not happen. In my case, for example, I have about 8000 blocks, not much use!
In my opinion, the right thing would be to have a button to search by block, hence an arrow, to go down or up in all the blocks that appear in the search. I refer to the Root blocks and not what is in their content. Either the arrows on the Ctrl + F3 function or then on the right side of the screen there are dashes showing in red, showing the occurrences, so when moving the screen up or down, we would arrive at the position marked on the right side and thus finding blocks easily . At least in my case it will work, because in all my projects, I use the blocks expanded vertically under each other. I prefer all open blocks than shrunk blocks, it makes it easier for me to see, even though I know it slows down the screen.

In the case of Suggestion 2, if we were able to select the blocks and move all of them and play them all at once in a certain place on the screen, it would be excellent, because moving a set of single root blocks becomes very tendentious.

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As for suggestion 1, it already exists in the blocks by pressing the right mouse button on the Procedure component, an option called: Highlight procedure, I would like it to have something like this when clicking on a Firebase DB1 block. In relation to the other root blocks in yellow, all the blocks (root) that are being used in the example project would be shown: Clock, Initialize, ListView, Notifier, etc. With this available relationship, it would be possible to Highlight any desirable block.

Dont tag people for attention.

You suggest something even better in the search: In the block area on the left, when clicking with the right mouse button, it opens the options available in the chosen block, so far ok. So I suggest with the right mouse button to detach this block in the work area. I refer to the FB Root blocks, Notifier, ListView etc.