Please solve my issue - AAPT error

Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Preparing application icon
________Creating animation xml
________Creating fragment xml
________Creating listview xml in res/layout/…
________Creating listview xml in res/layout-v21/…
________Creating xml in res/drawable/…
________Creating splash png in res/drawable/…
________Creating colors xml
________Creating styles xml
________Creating drawables xml v21
________Checking for firebase
________Creating provider_path xml
________Creating network_security_config xml
________Generating adaptive icon file
________Generating round adaptive icon file
________Generating adaptive icon background file
________Generating manifest file
________Attaching native libraries
________Attaching Android Archive (AAR) libraries
________Attaching component assets
________Invoking AAPT
AAPT time: 1.592 seconds
________Compiling source files

lease help

Most probably is a Theme problem. Go to project settings - see if theme is set. If not set it otherwise change it and set it again. Reload project, try to compile again

Otherwise, if problem persists maybe there is a project within a project

It arrives to me sometimes too when exporting .aab, normally if you retry the export it will works fine.

If he was trying to export aab then error would be AAPT2

Oh my bad sorry :slight_smile:

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