Please take a look at my block, it's crashing

I used a log in template for the login part and added some minor changes to it but now the APK file won’t work any more, it would crash at soon as I open the APK file.

here’s the apk file
LONESTERS.apk (8.3 MB)

here’s the aia file
lonesters.aia (456.1 KB)

It’s my first time on Kodular and coding so please please take a look and help me, thank you very much

here are the blocks

About Screen Title is empty




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Also firebase’s location is set to southeast1, you have to set it to us-central1 in order to work, otherwise you get error. Since you can not change location to an existing project in firebase, create a new one located in us-central1


thank you for your reply :heart:
i have just filled in the blanks mentioned but it still crash :cry:

so no matter where i am, i should always put the location as us-central1?

Try this one :point_down:

lonestersnew.aia (455.9 KB)

Yes otherwise you get this error

It worked!! Thank you so much

Could you tell me briefly about the changes you did to the app? Thank you!

Nothing than filling About Screen Title field :slightly_smiling_face:

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oh ok, thankyou

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