Please tell why my Google Play developer account got suspended

Your app(s) must follow all rules in Developer Policy. Otherwise, Google has permission to terminate your account.

This is not a thing which you can ignore safely:

can i make multiple developer account with multiple gmail ?

(if no, then what i do because today my developer account suspended )

Most account terminations are because of apps related to gaining money or money in general.

Is this the case for your first app? Can you explain what your first app was doing as I don’t have any physical device to test the APK on.

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please check again @imancol , @David , @Diego , @TurboProgramming

Please tell me . what is the exact reason of my developer account suspend. [ please check again my quetion ]

reason in that google send me in gmail is(below)
his is a notification that your Google Play Publisher account has been terminated.

REASON FOR TERMINATION : Prior violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated accounts as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address(es) of the Publisher account(s).

Google Play Publisher suspensions are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services.


WHAT IS MEAN OF THIS MAIL ??? i think 2 reasons

1. many users report my app for spam ( if user report then only app suspend then why my developer account suspend )
2. already my one account is suspended due to my fault and then i create this is my second Developer account ( multiple account is reason for suspend )

if you think any other reason then tell me, what is right reason of suspend this account ?

[ image ]google send me this mail when my account suspend

Then please check again too:

You ignored Developer Program Policies in your app.

We can’t know exactly why your account is suspended. Also, Google explained well why your account is suspended. (Because you ignored Developer Program Policies - that’s it) This is related to you.


2 of my Apps Are suspended is it a problem? My apps are suspended because it was not updated according to new google policies but the apps were unpublished and i was no longer working in it… Does it create a problem in future?

It says “span” not “spam” I don’t think makes it clear as what the violation was…

What I can suggest is. Please fill this form

Elaborate your problem and request for appeal.

@Abhijith_Dominic if your 3rd app suspended then you full account suspended.

Google give you 2 chance of mistake. if you do 3rd time then you full account terminated.

But the Reason that my 2 apps are suspended is not my fault the apps were unpublished

I recommend fix your mistakes as soon possible. Maybe unpublished apps won’t make any issue, but everything can be.

Finally , i get real issue of My Google Play Developer account Suspend

reason is- Already My One Google play developer account is suspended. This is my 2nd developer account. According to Google if your one account suspend then you Can not make new account. if you make new account that must will be banned.
(i am using same pc, same internet , same debit card if we use diff for 2nd developer account then google cannt track us.)

If you make new account then Always remember these tips


If the google account is terminated, it is terminated for life. You can’t do anything.

I have had four google play accounts suspended because all of them were linked to each other. I suppose I am the right person to answer this because I have learned it the hardway.


Now google doesn’t suspend apps (rarest case) it just rejects the apps. So you can upload app you want and it will just reject it if the app is not suitable


If you are suspended from google play, you are suspended for life!

Here is what you do to get back:

  • New credit card
  • New mobile number to link it
  • New admob and address for Pin verification
  • New PC ( and also new keystore because keystore contain with MAC address)
  • New Internet connection [not actually needed if it is DSL - public IP is dynamic]

Answer:- Yes, you can. Use new device, new credit card, new internet connection and new admob. I already did like this​:blush:

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