Please test my app "Dice Roll"

This app is not a real betting app, because users are not required to deposit their money into this app.
They can only get coins from watching rewarded video advertisements to be able to play Dice.

I plan to give a gift to users who have collected a certain number of coins.

This app has not been fully developed yet. So I ask friends here to test my app. And I have a few questions.

  1. Does Google Play allow this type of app?
  2. Have you found a bug that can be cheated by users?
  3. How to add difficulty levels.

your support means friend.

download link here DiceRoll.apk (8.3 MB)


I don’t think so, Google will not publish your app on playstore. This app is like earning app, user will get coin for watching ads then use coins to play Dice.


Yes google will allow your app

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thank you for friends, about what gifts I may give to users, who do not violate the rules of playstore and certainly interesting and fun for users, is there any ideas?

Hi friend.
I congratulate you on your app, google does allow such applications but I hope you are not using admob because admob does not allow applications with that theme I am telling you from experience you are going to lose your google adsense account and believe me it feels ugly. I recommend facebook ads for applications of that theme.

thank you @fexdovetechnology , but facebook does not yet support payment methods in my country for their ads.

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This app isn’t open source.Please don’t demand for the AIA file if the developer haven’t provided it :slightly_smiling_face:


please give me Aia file

google allows it for sure

" why my replay got marked as spam !!! ??? "