Please try my app and help me to find Bugs

Hello to every body
I wish you all are good

My app name is Price King

Describe your app:

My app will be used for comparing the price of products from different websites but at this time app is made completely but data is not added. I want to find bugs if there and want to test in all screen size and resolutions

So I want from you is please completly run this app and if you get any bug then tell me and also share screeshot so I also get the UI in different screen size and in different screen resolutions

App Size is 15 MB

App is safe to use

App Store/Download link:

App Screen Shot



So you expect others to just install an apk without knowing if it is safe. Why not start by showing screenshots from your app, for instance how you expect it to look.

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Please see the screenshot I edited the post

There is nothing to see.

Please check

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