Please update facebook SDK 6.11

please update Facebook SDK 6.11 as soon as possible


Please please please
update the sdk for Facebook ads to 6.11
Ads are not showing.
Now we are ready to leave kodular for it’s very late sdk update
Bye bye kodular!

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If ad manager that is the main tool of monetization was not updated, it is very unlikely that the staff will focus on facebook sdk in the next weeks.
You can use enhance to keep the monetization working

Yes Need to Update Urgently. We are confused! When Kodular Update Facebook audience network SDK?

Goodbye and good luck wherever you go.

Please update Facebook SDK 6.11

If you not premium user then you have to Switch on ad manager right now otherwise buy premium and use any ads components!

but here is nothing to add. in the premium they do not provide anything. koduler making a trap to make money. no admod components. no Facebook SDK update.

If you premium user then you can use ads components easily right now…otherwise wait for kodular updates

Kodular team,
Please update Facebook SDK Version To the latest.

They don’t care about it’s users.
They only want to get profits from the users.
I am also requesting them to update unity skd to latest from 1 and 1/2 months but they never reply to me.