Pls Any one help

Int value = new int{1,2,3,4,5};

I wnt to get number from YailList

How to get value from YailList any example code?

You can use Object

something like this :

    public String getValue(YailList list, String value)
        for (Object a : list) {
            if(a == value)
               return (String) a;
        return null;

If you know the index, then use list.getString(index)

You want to number add from YailList to array?

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Yes u r right

Have you tried with ArrayList?

Add all values from YailList to ArrayList, then ArrayList to Array


YailList to int array.

i try this but dint work

 public Object[] YailListToArray(YailList list)
        return list.toArray();

With ArrayList

 public Object[] ArrayListToArray(YailList list)
        return YailToArrayList(list).toArray();

    public ArrayList<Object> YailToArrayList(YailList list)
      ArrayList<Object> arrayList = new ArrayList<>();
        for (Object a: list)
        return arrayList;

I know this much, only now someone else can help you :slightly_smiling_face:


List to int array

  int[] numbers => (int) i).toArray();

ok ill try this

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thanks sumit its working now… and Shreyaa also for helping

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