Plz help how to enable admob acount

plz help how to enable admob ads

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You have to appeal & submit form to the Google to enable your admob.

enable account??
The information is not enough
Did it got suspended/disabled by google?
You want to start using admob?
and if you want to start using admob the go to Google AdMob - Mobile App Monetization and click signup
or if your account got suspended the visit here Why was my AdMob account disabled? - AdMob Help
and search this google forum for related content

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Здравствуйте помогите пожалуйста настроить адмоб рекламу в приложении , я добавил все индификаторы рекламных блоков, но в адмоб все по нулям , приложение уже пол года в гугл плей маркете , подскажите пожалуйста что делать

Perhaps you need to create a better app, one that Admob wants to show their ads on.

my download application has more than 1000 downloads here is a link to it

Please elaborate informing us whether your app is showing ads successfully or not and clarify your problem.

my application doesn’t show ads, although ad unit identifiers have been added and there are no advertising requests for half a year already, tell me what to do

Blocks related to ads may help us understand what’s going on. Also make sure, you’re all set with your admob account.

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here is the indicator of one of my ad unit ca-app-pub-7405031019616641/1820343743
and the admob account is configured correctly, even it says “your account is approved”, tell me what to do

Show your blocks.

I already showed you one indicator of my block, in the previous message

Showing ad unit id does not mean blocks are OK.

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and what you need to show to understand if the admob works

Show blocks related to admob. Also a sample AIA if possible.

and what does it mean to show blocks, is it its identifier or what?

Seems you’re new here! Spend some time on comminity & get back to this topic with your blocks when you’re ready.

BTW, blocks are logics, that makes your app working.

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Did I understand the blocks from Kodular?

application in google play play as half a year and requests for advertising are still not received, tell me what to do
here are my blocks

and link to it

Your blocks are wrong that’s why the ads are not displayed. You have to load your ads in the screen initialize. The Ad Loaded event is triggered when the ad is loaded which is never happened.