Podcast Rss to display podcast on app

i have a podcast rss and i want my podcast to display on my app, what and how i can make use of podcast rss to display all my podcast on app

Which RSS feed do you use?
Please give more information


The podcast Rss above, after inputting the Rss. It will display like this below so that the user can download and listen to any episode

Use web component to get text from link
This is XML text
Use this website to view xml:

See this to know how to extract XML text:

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i’m sorry it’s not the solution. i inputed rss in my website and all the podcast showed up
visit the site and see how i want it to display

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Have you found the solution to it… i am also working on similar types of project and i am also searching for same thing you want…can you please share me some idea if you found solution to this problem.

no solution yet