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Would it be a earning app if i create a education app in which user has to watch a rewarded video ads to earn point from which they will unlock contents and Quizes and test ?? Will admob will accept or facebook audience network.Please guide me/

As long as the reward is used in the app (for example to unlock a new level or extra lives) it’s fine.

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To unlock new content i.e Premium Quiz And Notes and Test from the earned points

  1. Use TinyDB or Airtable to store their point. Integrate Admob Rewarded Video
  2. When the reward video gets over add points to that tags/variable
    on Rewarded video completed :
    set point = get point + 10
  3. When they want to unlock thing then subtract those points from tag or variable
    GetPoint_btn . Clicked :
    if point > 10 :
    set point = get point - 10
    open another screen with start value “abcdef”
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I have problem regarding tiny db can you give aia of the block please ??if you can

Community members are here to troubleshoot your problem. Give it a try.

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How to use tiny db so that when we go another screen and come back to previous screen the Button remains unlock.

You can’t load rewarded ad on screen initialize. Hope it’s now much clear to you.

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When to load ads ?

please help

You should give user option if he wants to see a video ad or not. If yes, load ad.

Okay if button click then ad will load after loaded ad will show

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Yes, you’re right.


tiny db for storing value when moving to another screen and coming back to previous screen label and button

first add TinyDB on your app
now : I am typing block as i cannot post images now
store tag (points) value = get tag (point) + 10
0 if tag not present

looks like we have many jee aspirants here :grin:

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See tutorials on youtube about tinydb or you can use firebase
Edit :- firebase is more secure than tinyDB

i am also preparing for jee 2021

same here…

I want to Store Button Visible after unlocked using tiny db so tat when the user open the app again the unlocked button visible …?><>////

Don’t share here pm here.

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