Pollfish component not working

Did anyone used Pollfish component? Its not working even after Fenix Update 1.5.0 and not even after Fenix 1.5.1
My app is uploaded on Play Store, all necessary checks done already.
When the app is initialized, it gives “No Survey Available” without clicking for the survey button, please fix this problem, as I have waited long for this and the SDK for Pollfish is also not updated.
removed my Mod - please do not tag users

Change the topic from Discuss to Bug and dont tag anyone

Its been 3 days I posted this but not a single reply from any Moderator. They just removed the tags and went on. :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

that’s their job

And what about the problem I am facing, is this not their job? At least they can say something about it. My apps are pending due to this.

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