Pop up ads of web viewer

How i can use pop up tab in app to show the pop up ads like in url shorteners website and option to close that?

Hello. Welcome to the community. Please elaborate more on what you want. Also, do search in the community first if you haven’t.

By the way,
What do you mean by

Url shortner is a website and in kodular you develop apps so this question is not related and second as i guess you want to insert popup ads on webviever

If I understand correctly then you want to show pop up ads in dialog instead of new tab using webview.
This can help you:

I want to say that in url shortener link when ad comes then it open in new tab like a pop up.
So i want how i can open pop up in app and with close button like in image…

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You can create pop up in app with custom notifier.


Yes please can you help me to settle it’s block to make a pop up tab like this image-> (with a close ad button)

This is gplinks.com (link shortener website) pop up ads…

Create A Custom Notifier Place Your Ad Into Notifier. Create button for close ad