Popuklatre a Spinner from MySQL

blocks (80)

Simple PHP select * query - working. (Using JSON)


But no data displaying in the spinner??

Any help appreciated as always


Or use lookup pairs Key

Please can you share your blocks.

The example is a List. I need to pupulate a spinner



They are already sharing in the answer above.

1- load a list, using add item list with the values of the pairs
2- get the Elements spinner blocks and put the list in it.

Like this???

their blocks popluate a list. I need a spinner

And Spinner Elements should receive your list

The list is populated by items from your Json.
Spinner Elements receives this list.

blocks (85)

like tis???

More like this

Thanks, It works but the spinner is really disappointing

Think I will go to a list???


Create another list ,data3
Add itens to data3.
Use Elements Spinner ( Green Block ) And Get a list data3.

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