Popup View: Extention Developers, I need your help

Some months ago I saw an extention from one of extention developer in which we can show a small bottom sheets like UI on a specific component present on the screen.
Something like this…

This can be done manually but I need some transition when I click the down arrow as in image. But I am not getting that extention, I searched a lot. Please help me to get it.
And If some developer wants to create this type of extention, please you are most welcome.

Here is the best place If you are looking for available extensions:
Search site for “bottom” and you will get 2 hits.

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Maybe this extension might help

I searched, but didn’t get anything matched to my requirement.

Yes this seems similar, going to try it. Tell you soon if this worked or not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you @dora_paz for finding extention for me and Thank you @Sumit1334 for your amazing extention.

for making this type of view, here are the blocks,


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