Posible solution of firebase authentication error

Thank you so much to all people that work every day for us.
I have a posible solution for use firebase database with kodular and FB Auth, because a long time ago I had a problem with the firebase component, so I solved it using this arrangement of blocks, actually the solution is not mine, I found it out there and I thank whoever helped me that time, with this arrangement of blocks we corrected the error message in kodular and we omit the need to use slash and backslash in firebase, I hope it will help you, if you have doubts, let me know.

Do you also use the REST api to sign up and login users as well, and get the userToken that way ?


TimAi2 No, the best way for to get token id is with Firebase Auth component, I just keep Token ID from Screen1 to any Screen with “open another screen with value”.
I think that is a good solution because now I can configure the firebase rules for a profesional apps and to get security to my app.
Thank you so much for the link, I check now
Excuse me for my english, I´m Bolivian.

if your problem solved kindly mark timai2 post as solution

This is arguable ( I would say that…:wink: ) but I was just asking for completeness, because you only showed the data part in your original post.

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Yes, now, I think that another options are valid and possible better ways, than you for your comment.

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