Position of any item in an arrangement

Hi! I need some help. I have a project wich includes Drag and Drop items with the DragAndDrop extension. Qoeks fine, but i need to save the new position of components after the drop. So need to know the position of the component in the arrangment wich dropped. How can i know the position in the arrangment or the coordinates on screen to compare them with other.components.

i am not sure that is there any extension for it.
but why you are not using animation util to get position of component where it will be dragged.

Not working so good, I tried.

Would you like to share result of doing this? i mean what error is coming or why its not good?

When I use get y or x of position are not stable. In the same position gives different cootds. Any other idea?

I am working on adding this to my DragAndDrop Extension.
I’ll PM you when I’m ready to have it Beta Tested.