Possiblility of import and export procedures

Hello, everyone.
I think this suggestion can help a lot when working with complicated blocks and save time with blocks that we use in a lot of projects.

I guess many people here understand at least a little about some programming languages like java, php etc where we can import a library or something like this with a lot of functions / procedures so when we want to make something happen we just call that function instead of writing a lot of code again and again.

My proposal is to make that possible with Kodular. We already have something close to it, the backpack, where we can save code to use in another screen or project. What I want is to be able to import / export and add / remove content to the backpack. And focusing more on procedures.

This way we can add most used functions like close screen, when back is pressed, sharing components, notifier etc. Then we just have to call the procedure we want, saving a lot of time.

And more important: We can use complex blocks created by others people. Example: Math procedures created by others users that do complex calculations we don’t need to learn and not available on the builder like square root, least common multiple, Bank interest rate etc;

when you giving your opinion be careful. they will tell you that you are so lazy:)

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I could only be sorry for these people. I gave that example with math because it happened to me and I had to lose 3 days learning how to do some things and apply this knowledge to my project. That was totally unnecessary for me to learn such things.

One thing is those users who don’t want to learn how to use Kodular, just want the .aia and don’t even know how to personalize them. What I proposed is totally different, even though those lazy people could be benefited from it.

But even in the last case, what is the problem? Tools like App Inventor and Kodular were created to make easier for common people to be able to create apps. It is not a crime to make it easy for them.

I will never understand why some people think what I proposed or monetization of apps as despicable


I think we have a BackPack option to save critical blocks.

BackPack is just for saving blocks for yourself, not for sharing them with others.
Also, whatch the MIT AI2 Summit closely


I asked this a few months ago and the developer say that they will work on it… We should wait a bit and hope for a solve of this problem :smiley:


Sorry, I didn’t find your topic. Good to know that it may come any time.
But it is a reinforcement anyway:sweat_smile:

Maybe Kodular Eagle will add something to easily export and import blocks (and no, it’s not the secret feature) :wink:


Last year Kodular (or maybe Makeroid) used a „Padlet Wishlist“. I think I postet it there :sweat_smile:

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I think I remember this topic. But well, the next feature will help us so much even though it will be a little different of what I imagined.

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I‘m 100% sure that we will see a big help for this in the next update… I can feel it! (and maybe test something around who knows)

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