Post image from camera to http in node in NodeRed not working

I am developping an App that should take a picture and post it to a NodeRed (http in node) to be processed and a json response will be sent back to my Kodular App as below:

This is a variation of the same App that first posts the image to an FTP server and then just the imageurl to NodeRed.
Sending the URL of the image instead of the image itself (as I am trying here) works perfectly.
I would like to eliminate the need to have an FTP server so posting straight to the NodeRed App will be better.
There is a NodeRed node that will process the image and the error is being generated by this node.
The node returning error is conected to the http in node and is as below:
This node can accept several types of image formats and URLs as below:

What arrives as payload (the image) is as below:

And the error generated by the image node is as below:

Assistance welcome.

The web component does not support Content-type multipart/formdata…

Any link to the documentation, especially how to set the request header?
You might want to try uploading the image in base64 format…

Also a screenshot of the working solution using the url of the image might help us to help you…


Hi, what I am trying to do is to adapt the code that is already working via FTP.
The request header I am using is an adaptation of another code I have that runs on a ESP32 and transfer images straight to NodeRed flow and is working.
I also tried multipart/form-data but result is the same.
Base64 sounds a way to go as I saw references to it including in some posts right here but still did not find a example I could try.
The App that is posting via FTP then submitting only the image URL to NodeRed is as below:

Note: I do not need the, it is to be removed latter.

Any link to the documentation, especially how to set the request header?

as already said

it might work using the image in base64 format…

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I am mostly a hobbyist, I read many docs, forums and posts, find examples that look like what I am looking for and try but do not keep track of them.
The last I used as reference was: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: PostFile | Pura Vida Apps
I will dig on the tracks you have kindly suggested and post back when I figure out a solution.
Thanks for your help.