Posting Apps in Maked Apps Category

Is it allowed to share apps made with non-:makeroid: App Inventor services or maybe a mix of two services? :sweat_smile:

I have an app that I’d like to share (not source code though :stuck_out_tongue:) because people might find some techniques useful… I have no problem in teaching techniques and sharing snippets (I rather enjoy it) because I firmly believe that as long as everyone makes fair use, sharing code is good for everyone. :smile:

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Hey @Kanishka_Developer,

As this is a Makeroid Community, it is normally not allowed to share apps made with a non-:makeroid: service. But if you’ve used Makeroid Builder + Another Builder (maybe switched to Makeroid after discovering it) yes, you can.

You don’t need to share the source code of your app, so you can share it.

Hope this helps.

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'Kay, thanks for the info.

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