Power Of Kodular. New Record

Great to watch 25 active users in the forum actually it was 30.

Users are moving toward AI Platforms and developing unique things (credit goes to kodular for adding so many features) . It was almost to NO for anyone to learn Android Studio and code their Plans but now developers are not only making unique apps but also getting decent revenue.

Btw the new record is 25 active members

Thank You Kodular Team.


I remember, once it was +30.


This should be or can be in future-
25*10 = 250 active members
And kodular sets an unstable record of maximum number of active member which can be broken anytime even in two or three seconds and can be increased.

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More power!


(I cannot find this meme in english)

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We just missed four…

We just missed three…

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I can see some users more than one time.
Peter and Diego are also in this.

Yeah, 2 Tech CVR


My reaction after this:

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I was going to post the same screenshot -_-.

Crossed :sunglasses:

Beat me if you can.

Are you referring to this?


That is record breaker.
Every record has broken now…

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This one is more than a record breaker.
It is record-record-record-record breaker.

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Can we hit 100?

55 members now