Prank Call App created with Kodular

Prank Call

Use this App to create fake calls , to play around with friends. You can record a voice upfront, and when a “call” is received then the recording will play back as if you are talking to someone. You can put a time limit of when you want to receive the fake call etc.

AIA file (Optional)

i will give the Aia file when i have 100 downloads :slight_smile: . Regards


Nice idea, I thought about an app like this before but I didn’t have the courage to create it
I will test it here and come back with a feedback

Can I get the aia file for this app? Thanks!

This tells it all.


Whats your email address?

Dont ask for personal info on the forum. Just pm the other user. Personal info will be removed.


Hi Peter, how do I pm a user?

Many thanks, but how do I send it?

Click on profile picture.
After that click on message.


Many thanks, but I can’'t find the message tab, is it because am new here? What can I do to have it enabled.

he didnt get 100 downloads yet, so he is waiting,

you are on basic you must have to get Member level,

read more at,

Nice app but, If you improve your UI then i think it is better for users.