Premium flashlight app aia file for makeroid

Description: This aia file made in makeroid or kodular and we can create a flashlight app with this aia file. The flashlight app has a beautiful splash screen and that not visible after four seconds. The app has a simple flashlight background on which three buttons are placed. The first button is for the on flash, the second button is for off the flash and third button for the sos. The sos are stopped after off the flashlight. The app shows the kind of light image forward of flashlight picture to indicate the flash is on and not visible after flash is off. The app also shows the battery level in per cent live. On the flashlight image, there is a diamond which gives premium look to the flashlight. The app has an exit dialogue which also gives premium look to the app on which we can place the banner ads.

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looks nice but all anroid phones have a flashligh if you scoll down the Menüu of you screen where you can turn on /off Wlan, GPS and so on. Newer device will not use that app maybe older android devices. But as itold it looks nice

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