Prevent Piracy of Extension [Library]

Now days paid extensions are being sold and distributed illegally in many Whatsapp and Telegram groups. This has to be stopped. So finally I just developed a library that will help @ExtensionDevelopers to prevent the piracy :slightly_smiling_face:

How To Use ?

Step 1 :

Download the jar file.


Step 2 :

import the library in your project.

import in.techybro.antipiracy.AntiPiracy;

Step 3 :

Create a object of Antipiracy class and pass the application context in it.

AntiPiracy antipiracy = new AntiPiracy(context);

Step 4 :

Call .validate() method to start authentication. It takes a url String as arguement. See this example url


Step 5 :

Implement listeners to it. String s you can find what went Wrong

antipiracy.setOnResultListener(new AntiPiracy.OnResultListener() {
            public void OnAuthFailed(String s) {


            public void OnAuthSuccessFul() {


Bug Found ?

Please let me now know if you find any bug in it. Happy Coding :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice work, it may help a lot to all extension developers for there paid extensions. Appreciated…


Minor bug fixed.

Truth be told you are the best:heartpulse:

Thanks :sweat_smile:

How can we use this in kodular IDE?

Not by now, as IDE does not support importing JARs


Can you explain to me more of what this does?

It checks the email id(with the email you signed in in kodular/any other builder) that has been used building the app is in the “users.txt”(comma seperated list of real buyer’s emails) file and then returns the Response.


Sorry For That But Its Still Useless :upside_down_face:

May I know the reason why its useless ?


Its Not Secured​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

a question does it still work I’m wanting to deploy to an extension

Use progaurd instead.

That will prevent piracy of code while this library prevents pirated use of extension by authentication.