Prevent users to take screenshots

Hello ! Happy to see new update.!
And my questions is …
Is there any extension or methods…
To prevent to do screenshot of App
I mean if I am using the app and I tried to screenshot of the app then I want to prevent them from doing screenshot shot … saying screenshot prevented

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Use the screenshot component.
There is exactly a option there what you want.

I want to prevent … user from doing screenshot sir !

I know. I can read.

So please do the same and read what I wrote^^

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Nice, I didn’t know about this property earlier. Thanks @Mika.



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Does this option also prevent the application from appearing in screen recordings?

When you try to record the application with the screen recorder, the video is saved as a black screen.

I never testet screen records.

Is there any way to prevent screen records too

No, you cant prevent them. Because the are external apps which records the screen and as far as I know you cant see whether they are recording.

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Maybe make it so it can search in which apps have the permission to screen record and check if that app is running in the background, then close application if one is?

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Telegram, Hotstar, Netflix… There are many apps that block Screen Records or show black screen.


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