Privacy error when uploading an application in google play (play store)


I have an application that I handle SMS and play store does not allow me to upload it. Is there any way I can upload it to be installed?

See bellow:

  • Based on our review, we found your app’s expressed user experience did not match your declared core functionality DEFAULT_SMS, DEFAULT_DIALER, DEFAULT_ASSISTANT, BACKUP_RESTORE, ENTERPRISE_SMS_CALL_ARCHIVES, CROSS_DEVICE_CALL_SMS_SYNC_SEND, PROXY_CALLS, DEVICE_AUTOMATION, IN_VEHICLE_HANDS_FREE_OR_DISPLAY. Please remove these permissions from your app.

Any suggestions?

If you are using read sms permission ,there are certain requirements to be met.

For apps requesting access to the SMS or Call Log permissions, the intended and permitted uses include default SMS handling, default phone handling, or Assistant handling capability.
Apps must be actively registered as the default SMS, Phone, or Assistant handler before prompting users to accept any of the above permissions and must immediately stop the use of the permission when they no longer are the default handler.

Read Original: Use of SMS or Call Log permission groups - Play Console Help