Probation dmob ads show

I have an application created in kodular and I have it uploaded to the Google Play store, if the probation is necessary to show admob ads?

Yes, I think it is necessary.

I have already sent the request more than a week without response

If your app is in Playstore then there is no need of getting approval from Kodular related to displaying ads. Check this :point_down:

Image source :-


But there is an problem when if her app installed from apkpure, galaxy store , if some share the app to someone etc then no ads show. Ads only show when app is Downloaded from play store

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It depends on user solely. If user wants his/her app to be distributed via other means of distribution also (other than Google Playstore) and want to show ads, then approval is needed. But for app uploaded to Googl Playstore, as said, there is no need of approval

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Yes you are right but ads only come when app installed from play store right ???

Right If it is not installed from play store and install from any third party website the app needs the approval.

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