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Hello everybody,

I start with Kodular and moreover, I speak very bad English. I use the translator, my apologies.
My problem is as follows, I am using a Samsung S10 and I cannot get the companion to work once the KR code has been entered. Here are my 2 screenshots.
Thank you for your help.


I don’t know about it, but have you turn on adb debugging on your phone?

sorry, i won’t succeed. too complicated for me.
I was hoping it was like thunkable to visualize what was being done.
Too bad because Thunkable has a lot of bugs and fewer features.
I will see how to get out of it.
You don’t know a tutorial for setting up the environment?

Thank you so much anyway.

Any why don’t you use the companion app?

I guess with USB connection there is no need to scan/enter the QR code :thinking: Are you sure you are doing everything right?

Try to download “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” and unzip it in the same folder where you have Kodular Starter

Also remember to install the drivers for your device

(Or forget this complicated configuration and connect using Wi-Fi :wink:)

I want to thank everyone for your help.
I just found the solution and it’s totally stupid. I do not have wifi at the office for security reasons. I tested at home, the companion works perfectly.
I could not understand why in usb it did not work but in any case, I have a solution.
Thanks again.
great product and a community much more reactive than thunkable.
thank you

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