Problem deleting text in textbox

I write a text in the textbox1 and I have a result in the textbox2. when I want to erase the text I have false which appears, I replaced it with an empty text, but afterwards there is a bug, how to thank you
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I didn’t get what your trying to do

I have two textboxes: I write in one and I have the answer in the other. My problem is when I want to erase the two texts, I get “false” in the first texbox and “not found” in the second textbox. I tried to replace “false” by an “empty text” it works, but after a few seconds I have the data of “firebase” which appears by itself.

in fact when I want to delete, either I have false which is normal, because the logic equals “empty text” and delete equals “empty text”, but if I put “empty text” instead of false and I delete, I have a part of my “firebase” database that appears.

Still it’s way too much confusing show your all blocks and also the UI part

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So you don’t want false in write_and_read box you need it empty?

If I empty myself, after a few seconds, I have database data that appears

I noticed that the problem where my database appears, only happens when I use “on text changed”, but if I use a button, the problem does not appear. and I want to avoid using a button.

Do one thing onTextChanged when textbox is empty don’t call firebase .Get Value block

ok, but if I don’t put block, I don’t have the value (the answer)

still no answer to my basic problem which appears after a few when I erase a text.

I managed to make my app work using Taifun’s textbox extension, I no longer have to go up the database, but there is an error: java.lang.StackOverflowError: stack size 8188KB

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