Problem for create txt. or cvs. private file. and send ftp server


I need your help…

I have two little problems :

  • for create txt. or cvs. private file with “file extension”, and get this with a path.

    • When i write just for example : Test.txt , it’s normaly save in private data.
      But when a write : /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/packageName/files ,for get this, it’s doesn’t work.
    • And when i save with a path : /Android/data/packageName/files ,
      I have message : Error 2103 : The file /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/files /test.txt could not be created.
  • For send a file to my ftp server:

    • When i use my app with Wifi, it’s work !
    • But when i use my app with my phone connexion (4g), i’m connected
      with my FTP server, but the file don’t want send… (I use my IP adress and don’t IPv4 adress, and my router is progammed ).

Thank’s very much for your help.