Problem getting list of files with ftp component

hello, I’m developing an application which uses the FTP component.
I can connect, create directories, upload files.
When trying to get the list of files, if I do it from the root directory, I get the list, but if I try to see from an inside directory, for example /home/user/ I only get an empty list.
What am I doing wrong? Any advice? Thank you!




Looks like we have to update the component.


ok. I hope you find the problem. Thanks

Hallo Mika,

gibt es hier schon was Neues? Ich habe versucht die Dateiliste zu lesen…leider ohne Erfolg.
Hier meine minimalistische APP

Die Konfiguration des FTP ist IO. Es kommt auch zum Connect. Getestet habr ich die Einstellungen mit AppyBuilder. Hier funktioniert alles einwandfrei.


Have you tried to use another working dir?
I mean: “Get List Of Files” dir = “/whatever” instead of: dir = “”

Maybe @Hossein can compare the source of appy builder with our.

@Mika will check into it

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I tested all kinds of constellations - nothing is working
Normally there is no subdir on my FTP server (it’s a QNAP NAS) but for testing I made a folder “TestFTP”
Tested in Designer and Blocks:
Working Directory and the Block String.

  • left empty
  • /
  • /TestFTP
  • /TestFTP/
    Also tested with different Users and user rights (up to full admin rights).
    Companion and “Do it” show no Results.
    Here is an example in AppyBuilder working fine. The only difference is the kind of call. In AppyBuilder an AfterAction event is raised (IMHO a better way to deal with)

    The Result is the list of 1410 Files of my DMS (Document Management System Dir)

Finaly I woud like to move to Kodular, but…

as workaround I can offer my ftp extension at App Inventor Extensions: FTP | Pura Vida Apps

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The taifun extension is expensive acc. to me

So , help me to do with FTP component

Here is my blocks blocks (5)

Returns empty list

Hi there !

Is the problem fixed?
I think “Get List Of Files” method doesn´t work currently, is it?

This topic is already discussed here Problem getting list of files with ftp component, but I don’t found the solution! I have the same issue: seems don’t function the block “Get List of File” into FTP component. Can anyone help me? tx a lot!

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you might want to try the workaround


thank you Taifun, but it’s veery strange that a simple and standard component in Kodular dont’t function right! Moreover, I’m searching a free component, because I’m programming into a public school.

Here is an alternative ftp extension I can offer: