Problem in capturing JSON pairs

I’m having a problem because I can not capture the name of this API. I have tried several ways and this was the last error that appears.

Please help me.


Why do you not work with that?
And the next blocks are:
For each item in global Data Coins
do: add item to list
Item= look up pairs key

Than you can use the list what you created in a listview or what else

Good night,
I made these modifications but it continues with an error.

send me your api url

The url is in the first position.

You have to put in as the first opend pairs string 1 and not nome.
That list you can open than with nome but as you can see is your first object not nome, it is 1. Replace nome with 1. And than make a new list and set that list to look up pairs key and type in asyou did it now.
Than it will work you have to forgot to open the first object (1)

send your aia