Problem in changing the package name

Good morning people
Can someone help me, I made an App that on Kodular, I finished and it’s running normal when I download the Apk and run on Cell, but only now I remembered that I should have changed the Package Name of the app, so I did it now on Screen 1 Package name the field was empty then I put what I wanted with com.aplicativo.mememoria, however when I generated a new apk to test on the cell the app does not install the error, more if I go back to Kodular and remove the package name that I had put the app installs normally, does anyone know how I can solve this?pacote

First uninstall the app then,install the updated package name one.


Uninstall previous apk and install again apk with your package name.


had already done this, had already uninstalled the app with the name of the old package, and installed it with the new name, and still the error when installing.