Problem in exporting app

###when i try to export app is doesn’t work… it shows someone cut the power…
io io
its just a simple app to send text messages from moble on given numbers.

i tried at other plateforms too but facing same problem. can anyone help me out?

Can you click on view log and send that please

Pls check the application icon size, most of the time that’s the problem

sorry i had been busy for too long so could not make time…
i just want to make a simple app to sent a sms to my students through my phone with their marks
so i was just trying it out for basics but could not make it.
let me know what is the problem also if you have this kind of aia then do tell me.

here is the screenshot of log


What is the size of the icon for your app?

that is default

Are the blocks in the image the only blocks you have?

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yes sir i was just trying it out before designing

I can build it but you did it the wrong. You are sending an empty message.


ohh i found the mistake thank you so much… but what about compiling problem also can you tell me how can i send group message

I don’t know about that. What are your sdk settings?

everything is default sir, i didn’t change anything

What is your username with Makeroid?

its @manish_sonii but why sir??

Not here on the forum but in the builder.

i dont know tell me
where to find it

Which mailadres did you use to subscribe to the builder.

[email protected]

There is a known error where a user can not have a username that starts with a number when compiling an apk. Maybe you have to much numbers to. Can you try the same while subscribing with a more normal gmail adress?

Yah no problem I’ll try it but it doesn’t show error in other apk I’m using this username for a while but never get this kind of problem before!!!