Problem in Scroll Arrangement after Version 1.3B.4 Update

(Sanjay Dey) #1

Vertical Scroll Arrangement Not Scrolling Now with Colin Tree list view. Previously it’s scrolling and working fine but from tomorrow I faced this issue also in my old aia. Colin Tree list view scrolling in Appybuilder and thunkable also but not scrolling in kodular.

Also in my screen 1 properties scroll able option is disable. height and with of the arrangement set in fill parent .

Expected Behavior

Need to be scroll

Actual Behavior

But not scrolling now

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Android version

I tested in Android 8.0

(AIO All In One) #2

I’m also facing same problem

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(Dupe Tech) #3

it has been fixed now !

(Piyush Matta) #4

When bec i am facing same problem

(Dupe Tech) #5

clear your browser cookies, and rebuild your apk and run you app, as i said, the error has been fixed yesterday ! it is working fine now dude !

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