Problem in Setting argb

i am trying to set argb to dynamic cardviews when they are long clicked but i am failing to do.

these are the blocks -


result -

i long clicked on mango and banana
and they becam grey instead of Red.

can anyone point my mistake out

Maybe you should check whether the color you have made is correct or not

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Red = 255, 0, 0
Alpha = 0.5 for 50% transparency
( looks good to me )

i also validated it with a website.

For alpha use 0-255

hmm so maybe should set the color to any label textcolor to verify whether it is a problem just with cardview or with other too

Btw, alpha is the forth one when make color

Still Grey.

i first tried 4th place
that gave a very grey result
means - thick bold grey border and white in centre

then i saw that dynamic card view is accepting argb so i am going with 1st place
still grey but evenly spread


This is Misleading.
Writing “argb”
Accepting “rgba”

But you are using make color which is rgba

@Boban your comments are Spammers.

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