Problem parsing the package error

Hi, everyone…please tell me how to fix the error " Problem parsing the package error" while soneone try to install from my web site link.

What is your app package name?

What did you set as min SDK in settings?

What is your phone SDK?

Did you search first in community because there are multiple solutions are available regarding this error?

Or it might be Android 12+ issue…

Missing android exported=false to your activity, receiver, service, provider.

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Where is my mistake and in some mobile app install successfully but i some mobile it shows parsing package error.

Where is my mistake

This error is coming from android 12. How to fix it.

Package name: com.manimax.infokni
Min SDK: 21

It cant install in android 12…there is no problem in android 11 and lower.

Help me to fixed.

How to fixed this error.

The package name seens to be ok
It does not look like you read all the other threads about the same issue…
Which extensions are you using?
Probably this is the solution then


@Taifun Broo, this error comes when i try to install in android 12. Lower android can install without any problem. I used one signal extension too.

You forgot to answer this question


Thanks for for all yours suggestions. I had fixed the error. The error comes from onesiganl fixed extension. After removing that extension application can install properly in all android versions.

Thank you all.

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