Problem Regarding buttons visible & Invisible

Hello Friends, i am making Alphabets app for kids i make 26 left buttons 26 right buttons & 26 images i am going to do all this on one screen. i did this
my Problem is when i click on buttons its stucking, sometimes it showing all images thats problem.
see this videos & blocks For Referance
please help me friends.

You could optimize your code using when any button click and any image

how can i do this any suggestion ?

No need of this much buttons…three buttons(left, right. and visible) you can use one global variable, upon right click count with +1, left click count with -1

With the help of using this index you can show the alphabet from the list and image too

Thank You For Replying but i cannot understanding this completely
do you have any sample aia for it ?

According to above example you can create a list of images and assign every time a different picture to image according to index

Can you share this aia with me so can understand this better ?

alphabet.aia (3.1 KB)

how can i do this with images

Create a global variable with 26 images and …

aia please…

Works with 3 first letters A,B,C just for testing (otherwise will give error), I won’t upload 26 images :slight_smile:
alphabet_1.aia (98.4 KB)

Thanks Man ! You are Pro… Now only last thing i want is that, as you can see in my above video that also includes voice ex. If letter A is Show then its voice is ‘A for Appl’ so how can i add this voice with images

Same philosophy, create a list with sounds, set sound source according to index then play. Try it and see

Hey Friend i tried that but this error is showing

Post a screenshot of your blocks or if you wish pm me your aia to check it

Try to use player instead of sound

alphabet_2.aia (116.6 KB)


Thanks Friend You Solve My All Problems…

Thank You So Much For Your Help… only reserch on my orientation problem and tell me whenever it is available…

Thank You…

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