Problem saving a project with the Snackbar component

Describe your issue

When creating a project that includes the Snackbar component, the project cannot be saved as it shows the error:

faultData = (TypeError) : Cannot read property ‘showSnackbar’ of undefined

Steps to reproduce the issue

  • Create a project with Snackbar component
  • Clic “project” > “save project”

Expected Behaviour

This should save without problems.

Actual Behaviour

Show error:

faultData = (TypeError) : Cannot read property ‘showSnackbar’ of undefined

Show your Blocks


even without adding any block the error occurs

Android version


What happens if you clear cache?

the same thing happens, I just tried that

Did you tried to change the name of the component, then try again?

Does the error persist if you remove the snackbar component?
Can you give us more details about the browser you’re using?

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Please try renaming your project and let us know if you see the error while doing so.

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Maybe you should try it with chrome browser again.

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It works for me.

Its a browser bug. Not our bug.
And its not related with the snackbar component.

Its the snackbar from browser

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Thanks, I reinstalled Chrome and fixed the problem.

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