Problem Saving and Sharing File

I am currently creating an student presence report app with google spreadsheet as database. The objective is when the report table generated, user can share the .csv file of the desired report to any app he/she wants (whatsapp, telegram, gmail, etc…)
There’s three problems I have here:
- I’m having trouble getting permission to read external storage. I tried to follow the steps in other topic about granting permission to read external storage, but I think there’s problem with my block, like there’s no notification about granting permission once I install and open the app
By the way, this is the first time I have created an application that requires permission to read external storage, so I have very little knowledge about this



- I still don’t understand either exporting .csv file to external storage. I think my block here is failure


  • I still don’t know how to share .csv file to other app, like whatsapp

Brief explanation of my app:
I get the database from google spreadsheet, then the spinner (spinner1 and spinner2) will filter the data based on class and month. When the proceed button click, the result will return as table (I use view table extension). And I also set data result to the text to label8 (visibility false). When Share data button click, it will create the data in label8 to .csv table and the user can share the data in .csv file. As far as I know, we need to save the file first before we can share it.

Thank you in advance :pray:

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