Problem to download book from dynamic book app

I have created and published my application at play store im faceing one problem
My application is multicategory dynamic books app

When im clicking on uper download button books is not downloading … All books are linked nd its showing download permission how can i solve this problem

First you allow that permission then you have opened your google drive so you have to check it in your drive. If you want to change that so it will be downloaded in your device so use download component and airtable or mysql

If it is your solution then make it as solution​:grinning::grin:

Have you not tested this before publishing?? Have you not asked for write permission for storage?

Nop i thought tht will directly download from google drive

No it gets downloaded to google drive

I mean saved

How to creat block now to download books

Search it in the community
You will not get readymade solution

Hope some one will hwlp me

Here you will get about it (Click here)

Got your solution or not

Nop there is no downloading block

i think no component there which need call internal storage permission…

So how to do that

Use airtable to store book url and then build your app

ad an image picker as dummy and set it to hide…by this component your app able to create an storage permision

You will not get ready made solution or use the aia link by @the_finderr in the 10th post

This is download block present in connectivity

How to write block for that never used this component and this is asking for url… There are more than 100 books how i will add url of all

Use Download Component Like This

When Download Button Click Then Set Your Book Download Url. Then Call Download Block From Download Component :point_down:

When Download Complete Then Show Notifier Or Snakbar

Simple Blocks :relaxed: