Problem using the EasyDialog extension

I am using the EasyDialog extension and when you are trying it out the application shows me the Dialog as shown in the pictures

What is the solution ?

We are not magician Or Superman…
We need every information to know the problem… Kindly add block images…



EasyDialog extension must need an arrangement to show. That means, the message you want to show on pop-up, must to be designed on an arrangement.

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So what should I do

I can’t remember the blocks for this extension. But you’ll find the block to declare an arrangement for EasyDialog to use.

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In easy dialog extension properties choose the arrangement which you want to show it as dialog.

Then your blocks are ok.

If you all set as above and still facing problem that means problem with your arrangement height width and components used in that arrangement like label button etc.

Keep changing height width of each component in live test in companion.

Make changes like set height width to automatic or fill parent.



Can any one pls send me the EASYDIALOG Extension?

Download the .aix from here :point_down:

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I didn’t found the topic related to this extension.

This is the extension’s topic :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Set Dialog_text Visible To True When Screen Initialize

  2. And Make Sure Your Each Component Should Not Fill Parent Set The Height And Width For All According To Your Need


sur @Mohamed_Tamer , i just send you a PM



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I removed the extension…
only the author of an extension is allowed to post it
please share a link to the extension next time
thank you