Problem when exporting apk

chamadre (1).aia (9.0 KB) Hello friends, I have read everything from the community of possible solutions, I have tried to change the packname, the version, even delete all the screens and leave the assets empty, but even kodular does not allow me to compile, it practically does not have anything at the moment or extensions, my application but I can not generate apk. Could someone help me what is the problem since I have deleted everything, I only had two screens

chamadre (1).aia (9.0 KB)

EDIT: it looks you provided it already :man_facepalming:
Usually this issue is because there is a project in your external_comps folder.

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Hi friend this is my aia chamadre (1).aia (9.0 KB)

How can i can solved my problem?

How about reading above post…


I’m sorry I hadn’t seen it thank you very much friend Boban … I am really grateful for your help … your answer was actually very helpful

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