Problem when I complie the apk

I get this problem when I try to use the Swipe refresh extension

Can you help me?¿?

Why do you use this extension?
We have this already in our component.

Really I didnt see it

Yes. The webview have this feature.

O yea but i need to use in a layout

Try to ask the developer of the extension if there are special things how to use it.

I asked to the developer I try the same extension in appybuilder and i get the same problem

But don`t worry tanks for the support :smiley:

The problem is that we can not add this function as default in our layouts.
If we add this then we will break extension developers work if they have the function to get the view of a layout in her extension.

The think that i dont understand is why when use the makeoid companion i dont get any problem

Hmm i dont know and i have current no time to test it my self

Okayt dont worry I will talk with the developer thanks again fot he support

What is if you save the project under a new name?
Click in menu ‘save as’.

I try to create a new proyect only with the extension and I get the same problem