From past one week, I am facing an error in those apps created by me and exported in this time span, When installing this APK, device is showing PROBLEM WHILE PARSING THE PACKAGE. Please help me out.

Most likely your package name is not correct. Next release will include some validation for this.


Actually I searched for the same. Those solution didn’t work.

Can you explain me more about this.

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What is the format of Package Name?

Why not show what packagename you used?

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I have entered as package name while starting new project.

Uninstall any previous app version from your phone then try again

There is no previous version, I was installing it first time.

Can you upload your apk here

Yes sure, please check this APKCab.apk (6.6 MB)

Package name seems to be good.
See below from Boban

I’ve uploaded APK file

You may check this AIA file as well. Cab.aia (22.9 KB)

How about changing the min sdk for your app, you are using min 28


For GOOGLE PLAY STORE, API LEVEL 28 is mandatory, therefore I selected API 28.

Yes for target sdk 28 but not for min, min is from which version you wont your app to work on

FYI, target sdk is handled by kodular


Your solution worked, but I want to know more about this. :slightly_smiling_face: Thabkyou

Thank you for helping me and spending time on my app.

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