Problem while uploading on play store, android:exported

I have a Problem while uploading on play store

This is the error massage:
You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle which has an activity, activity alias, service or broadcast receiver with intent filter, but without the ‘android:exported’ property set. This file can’t be installed on Android 12 or higher. See: Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 12  |  Android Developers

Please remove or update onesignal extension
This problem is caused due to one signal extension
If found it userful mark it as a solution

Read this Please fix this bug problem koduler team, android-exported - #11 by Taifun

I tried but not working

What about providing a list of components and extensions you used in your project?

These are the extention I am using


Make sure to use the latest versions, especially


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Hello, any feedback because this problem is really hitting our nerves

What have you tried to solve the issue?

read this thread to get your feedback