Problem with chrome..And google

So basically I use these browsers listed
Chrome for online school and coding apps in my free time…
Opera for entertainment like watching youtube videos or play games…

But the problem that concerns me is when I use chrome my cam turns on literally taking pictures of me, Which I quickly have to delete off my computer…Ik that google is…Corrupted
I use Duckduckgo as my search engine and I use opera, But I have to use chrome because it’s faster.

In conclusion, I believe in internet freedom…This is why I’m studying computer science so I can make Encrypted Browsers, Text apps, Adblockers…etc…Been my dream and I will make it a reality…Hopefully…but for now Google will be the default…

Bit disturbing don’t you think? That they turn on cams…Turn on microphones

go to settings and grant the access to only sites you want to allow to access to your camera or set it to “Ask each time”

Go to settings > Search “Site Settings” > tweak permissions

Did…But they do it without my permission even when i turn it off

block the site

That’s…The thing i didn’t gave them permission but they still turned on the cam…I may have to switch to opera or firefox

mention the site or reinstall latest chrome from here: Google Chrome - The New Chrome & Most Secure Web Browser

The sites are very common like,

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Kodular (Not worried about)

chrome is set to auto-update so i have the latest update of chrome…

for me everything work fine on all these websites. the permission is set to “Ask” and it youtube never asked me about camera/microphone. the only permission youtube asked was about desktop notifications

Thats the strange part…They ask for every permission, Cam,Mircophone etc and whenever i deny it they turn on camera and mircophone…without my permission

you must look toward your extensions too

Extensions i have installed

  • Adblock (Which i’m a bit concerned sense they had issues with giving data to 3rd parties
  • Trustpilot
  • Honey (On a tight budget lol)
  • WebRTC Leak shield (Extra Protection for my ip address)
  • Bitdefender Anti-Tracker (Used to stop 3rd parties from taking my data)

its really strange
this issue is specifically with you and there for i suggest you to again download chrome the official link i provided above and also check for some unwanted application which are installed on you device

Well i’ll try, But the most strange part is i added these extensions a few months ago and before that it still happend…I hope redownloading it helps

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After redownloading it, It works…Must be one of the extensions…Got to be careful next time…

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