Problem with Creating row in airtable

I have to create row in airtable. While I am checking it’s successfully created row in Companion but after compiled as app it is not creating row. I added airtable API key , base I’d and Table name correctly. What should I do?

Why You Created This Topic Again.

Succesfully created row in companion
but not in an app :thinking: :thinking:

can you show us your app

Because something happened to that post. I didn’t get any Reply . That’s what.

You want apk or aia or photos

If you don’t get reply then you should wait, instead of double posting you could get suspended, @Peter or @Boban please look into this

Nobody ready to help me. :disappointed: I stuck for 2 days.
@Soham_Shah I waited for 2 days it is enough or need to wait more.

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Try Using a Different Base.

in Morning i Was Stuck With Nearly Similar Situation.
i Changed the Base and it’s Fine Now.

Ohh… I agree that you had to wait but that doesn’t mean creating duplicate topics

May be you can’t create row by using tiny db store values in variable then use variable in list to create new row

ya this is created but if i will try other langauge form google indic keyboard than show error

maybe try my new Airtable extension: