Problem with Dynamic Component Extension

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A query about Dynamic Components Extension.

I have created several Horizontal Scroll Arrangements on top of a Vertical Scroll Arrangement according to the number of elements in a list. This part no problem.

The problem is when I want to create several Card Views through Dynamic Components on the Horizontal Scroll Arrangements created previously according to the number of elements of another list, it only creates one.

Do you know the reason?

Problem is with your id…
See the HORI id in card view. There iy is missing logical issue. Actually this event block must go inside yhe previous for each number block and in the cardview id you must combine NUMBER and numpassagero

Then only cardview will create according to the length

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very good

First of all, thank you very much for the previous help.

The problem that I have now, that I am turning around, but I cannot do is the following.

As you can see, I have two Dynamic Components extensions imported. One of them creates the CardView above, so that depending on the number of CardView “clicks”, the second Dynamic Components creates “labels and text fields”.

As you can see in one of the images, I can’t capture “the text of the label” present inside the CardView so that the second Dynamic Components captures that text and puts it in the label. In other words, as you can see, the CardViews of Mario, Javier and Mama are pressed; but below I believe them consecutive: Mario, Sonia and Javier.

I have tried to capture the text of the Cardiew, but I cannot
find out how to do it. In the capture of the blocks, you will see that I have tried to make a list of the clicked names, but although those names are in the list, it multiplies that name by the number of clicked CardViews.

The simple logical thing is, On click cardview get the cardview I’D and convert it into label I’d then get the text of the label.

Imagine card view I’d is CARD{id}(say CARD1) and the label I’d is LABEL{I’d}(say LABEL1)

On any dynamic card clicked(say 1st CV clicked)
Get I’d (CARD1) and r place CARD with LABEL and now you will have the LABEL1 as I’d and by using generic block get text of the label for the component (get component I’d (LABEL1)) You will get the text

Could you show me some example blocks?
I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t find the right blocks.

I manage to get the ID of Card1, but the following, I get stuck.

Thank you very much

I think I have achieved what you told me. In this way, I get the text that contains the LABEL of the clicked CardView.

What I still haven’t resolved is the fact that the LABEL of the last Cardview pressed doesn’t multiply.


Sorry. I dont know how did you design your logics… For time being i’ve created this… Just test it and retrieve your project as per my logic

DynaList.aia (40.9 KB)

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Thank you very much for the help

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